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FBGrab is a framebuffer screenshot program, capturing the linux frambuffer and converting it to a png-picture. FBGrab is delivered as is without any warranty and license is GPL version 2, see tar-ball for details.

New June 16, 2015: Version 1.3 released!

News: Long overdue fixes finally released:

  • Added support when active framebuffer is not starting at offset 0
  • Fixed broken re-ordering of colors, rgba to argb
  • Fixed broken path for man page
Thanks to Peter Meerwald, David Hill and Konstantinn Bonnet who provided patches
The latest version is 1.3, download here: fbgrab-1.3.tar.gz

New September 30, 2013: Version 1.2 released!

  • Write png file directly to stdout
  • Set png compression level with -z
  • Several improvements of Makefile for package maintainers and cross compiliation.
Thanks to Peter Meerwald and Bartlomiej Palmowski who provided good patches!
Version is 1.2 can be downloaded here: fbgrab-1.2.tar.gz

New May 2013: Version 1.1 released!

  • Better handling of framebuffers with non-standard ordering of the colors.
  • Now handles framebuffer with larger line length than actually used.
  • Now handles supports screenshots where picture is not at the top of the framebuffer, i.e. applications using hardware flips.
  • Added -v to provide some verbosity on what fbgrab is doing.
  • Now #includes zlib.h to adjust to changes in libpng.
Download version 1.1 here: fbgrab-1.1.tar.gz

To build you need:
  1. zlib
  2. libpng
To run you have to enable the framebuffer in the linux kernel (if not already enabled). If you don't know how to do it, read the framebuffer howto.


Screenshots taken by fbgrab (click on image fo fullsize):

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